If you are experiencing problems registering your child OR using this website please read the following pages for assistance.

What kind of problem are you experiencing?

Cannot LoginCannot RegisterHelp with Adding ChildrenHelp with Payment ProcessSomething Else





Login Help

Use the top MENU or links on the Home page to go to the Login screen.

To login you must have created an account.

If you have an account and cannot remember your login details you should use the recover screen.


Recover Account


Account Registration Help

Use the top MENU or links on the Home page to go to the Register screen.

If you have already registered you will not be able to register a new account with the same email address. You should use the recover screen to get access to your original account or if you remember the details login to it..


Register a New Account


Adding Children

After you have registered / logged into your account you can hit the Register Child button under My Account. You will need to fill in some basic information about your child and save it.

Once saved you will be able to use the My Account screen to pay for your 2017 registrations.

It is advised you add all of your children for the season at once before you attempt to pay.


Payment Process

After all of your children for the 2017 season have been entered, please use the My Account screen to click the PAY for .... button to begin the payment process.

You will first be taken to a screen that shows you exactly what you are paying for and how much it will cost. Then after you click FINISH you will be able to pay using PayPal, either with a PayPal account or with a Credit Card.



It appears you need help with something else. Please use the Contact Us page or find us on Facebook.